What Are Itty Bitty Itineraries?

Itty Bitty Itineraries are your answer to “what do we do with the kids now?” Yes, you can compile a list of the sites you’d like to see with the kids, but keeping to a schedule, standing in long lines to get tickets to crowded tourist traps shouldn’t be how you experience a new city. Plus those beautiful Instagram photos never really show the full picture of what it’s like to really travel with your family. Especially when the littles are tired, hungry, or bored.

The real La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Hence, Itty Bitty Itineraries: a more realistic way to explore a new city with your family, allowing time to play, learn and explore all at your own pace. Our Itineraries are planned with locals, people who do this with their kids every day. So you know they’re kid friendly, and wine ready.

Itty Bitty Itineraries works on the rule of 3: that kids can really do only 3 things, and one of those is usually food. We offer 3 fun things for both parents and kids, along with some fun facts, crafts, and games to keep your Itty Bitties interested in the tour. 

But, because we are parents, we also know that nothing derails the best laid plans like your own kid. That’s why our Itty Bitty Itineraries also includes the Itty Bitty Adventure feature. When the kids are toast, give them your phone and have them choose the next nearby adventure. Putting them in control of the itinerary means fewer tantrums, and tons more fun for everyone. 

So try it out. Tell us what you think. We’ll be adding more cities, and more itineraries in the near future. 

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