Spring Day by Karen K. and the Jitterbugs

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts is known for its strange weather. One day it can be nice and sunny and just like spring. And the next day it will snow. Sometimes it can be a bit much, so you might as well sing about it. This video by Karen K. and the Jitterbugs was filmed in the Boston Common, a big park in downtown Boston (see the map below). If you like this tune, check out the other great songs by Karen K. and the Jitterbugs.

Song credit: Karen K and the Jitterbugs www.karenkjitterbugs.com
Lyrics and Music by Karen Kalafatas

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Map It: Boston, Massachusetts

Karen Kalafatas

Karen K (Kalafatas), singer, songwriter and leader of Karen K and the Jitterbugs is best known for her pop-rock songwriting style that has broad appeal with people of all ages, from tots to grown-ups to grandparents.  She is also a voice, music and theater teacher for preschool and elementary aged children, and adults. Her original songs have won multiple awards, including a coveted Parents Choice Award and Best KidVideo of 2015 for her smash hit “I Woke Up in a Fire Truck.” She has appeared on CBS-New York and PBS (WGBH), and her Jitterbugs Music Classes for children 5 and under were named Best Music Class in Massachusetts. The Jitterbugs band was voted Best Kindie Band in Greater Boston by 41,000 Mommy Poppins Boston voters. Learn more about Karen here.

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