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The Gruffalo

Books can take you on the best adventures. You can explore new places, go back in time, or into the future and meet imaginary creatures all from your own home. And the best part? Books are universal. Everyone loves stories. And sometimes, they love the same stories, even if they’re not in the same language.

The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson is one of those stories that has been translated into lots of different languages. It’s the story of a little mouse that looks pretty tasty to lots of bigger animals. But the mouse isn’t afraid. He has a plan to make sure none of the forest animals eat him. 

Julia Donaldson, the author of The Gruffalo, lives in Glasgow, Scotland but grew up in London where she and her sister would imagine all sorts of new characters. Later, she traveled the world and wrote songs that she played on the street for people who would listen. Her favorite one was an Italian song about pasta. Her book The Gruffalo is like a song in that it rhymes and has rhythm. If you like this book, you can learn more about Julia Donaldson on her website and see all her other books. She has lots! 







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