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Hey, remember us? It’s been a while since we last caught up. So, here’s what we’ve been up to: Goose fell and hurt her nose. Then she fell again and damaged a tooth. Not to be outdone, Squirrel decided to tell the dentist at our emergency visit that she had a boo-boo from playing with knives. And this was our first meeting with said dentist. So far, no wellness visits from the police, so I think we’re in the clear.

But, it’s been stressful, and I’ve been distracted by a major project at work that needs to be perfect, and then there was the start of school with all the anxiety that brings. So when I actually poured OJ into the kids cereal — and it was the last of their favorite cereal — I knew we needed to take a left turn.

When I picked up Squirrel at school that afternoon, I asked, “You want to get pizza?” We picked up Goose next. Squirrel asked Goose excitedly, “You want to get pizza?” So just like that, instead of rushing to catch the ferry home, we were suddenly off the clock, heading happily to our pizzeria of choice: Pushcart Pizza, where the slices are giant and so are the glasses of wine.

My glass was more than half-full!

In a city filled with pizza joints, Pushcart is a no frills place where three slices and a very generous pour of wine will set you back $21. While every single waitress we’ve had has been fantastic with our kids, don’t expect high chairs or lots of options, other than cheese or pepperoni. My kids chose cheese, and we even video chatted with a tired Daddy, who had just finished his dinner an ocean away. Yay five minutes of family time! And then, in a blink of an eye, the girls were done and twitchy. And we still needed to get home. And here’s where the stress of being out with kids begins.

What was next was a different type of whine: I’m tired. My legs don’t work. I can’t use my scooter. I want you to carry me. So I started mommy mathing furiously: if the bus stop at North Station is .5 miles away, I’ve only had a half glass of wine and 3 full hours of sleep, and the 2 kids are on scooters, but if halfway between Pushcart and North Station is Public Market, then the answer must be… donuts!

Donuts is always the answer!

If you’re familiar with Boston’s Haymarket, Public Market is the exact opposite. It’s indoors, it’s artisan, and there’s a lot of millennials. You can get donuts, allergen free food (Thanks Jenny Lee!), actual honeycombs, small batch beers, yarn from local sheep, and of course, donuts. Like Ikea, it’s an overwhelming and disorienting experience, just with local goods.


At least my kids have their own mathing down when we go to Public Market: first donuts, then look at the lobsters (again with the captivity), then on to the secret kid place with tiny chairs, sneezed on books, and giant crayons!

It was working out well, despite the cinnamon sugar that we spread all over the place like fairy dust. Then I looked outside at the clouds gathering ominously. Mind you, the girls have recently decided they are deathly afraid of rain and have been playing games where they scream at their stuffies to “get inside” their MagnaTile towers because it’s raining. Given Irma and Harvey, I can’t say I can blame them. Unless we are home, and it’s bedtime and then I no longer care. But in this case, I used their fear to my advantage to get their little butts on their scooters to North Station and the bus. And my goodness, they booked it!

But here’s the thing: I knew it was going to rain that evening. And I knew that if we had just gone home on the ferry immediately we would have been in the same prison of weekday conformity and OJ in the cereal.  So I did the mommy math and I risked it.

The lightning and thunder started as we got to the bus stop. Of course the girls freaked out, but we boarded the bus as the first drops were starting to fall. Squirrel chattered nonstop about lightening, and Goose just looked out the window, dumbfounded as the rain fell and the lightening flashed. They were scared, but they were safe, and we talked about their fears, which was really all about not being able to control their circumstances. And, by the time we got home, the rain was done and home was awash in sunshine.

It was the perfect left turn. We had quality time together, I didn’t have to make dinner or clean dishes, and we conquered the thunderstorm. After cuddling up in pjs to watch an episode of Curious George, we only had about 10 minutes of crying at bedtime (thanks second thunderstorm) before everyone fell asleep and actually slept through the night.




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