How to Act Like a Local in Vienna

You may be on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you stop being a parent. Or your kids stop being kids. Here are some tips to help you get through those moments.

Need to Know 

This place shuts down on Sunday and public holidays. Like really. No grocery markets. No clothing stores. The only [laces open are museums, some restaurants, and souvenir stands. What I’m trying to say is don’t procrastinate! If you think you’re going to need something, buy it early on a Saturday as shops close at 6 pm. 

If it is Sunday and you’re in a bind, there are a rare few grocery stores that are open, but they are only allowed to sell food. So no diapers, no tampons, no wipes. Yeah, we know. But you can still get your wine on. Because the Viennese are a civil people. 


If you need medicine, like Ibuprofen or sunburn cream, then stop into your nearest Apotheke (pronounced App-Oh-TAKE-ah). Look for the cross symbol, and then tell the pharmacist what the problem is. They speak English, and Ibuprofen is Ibuprofen in any language. 

Get Your Wine On 

Open container is acceptable. Which means go take that picnic in the park. You can buy drinks from street vendors and grocery stores. For after hours, if you are in pinch, check out Wien and Co, or go to your nearest bar and order take out. Or order in with delivery services like  Lieferando.

Grocery Shopping

Luckily in Vienna there is a grocery store around almost every corner.  You’ll have to weigh your own produce and bag your own things. And those cashiers will not slow down for anyone, so bring your canvas tote and go as fast you can. 


 We all poop. So when you need diapers, sunscreen, toiletries, look for a Bipa, DM, Mueller or Interspar. You may find some of these things in grocery stores, but the options will be limited. 

Craft Stuff

If you want to keep your little ones occupied so you can sleep in for another hour after enjoying one too many glasses of Gruner Veltliner, take some time the day before to find a Pagro, Libro, Mueller or Flying Tiger for crafts and small toys. You can also look up “spielzeug” or plaything on Google to find toy stores. You’re welcome.