How to Plan Your Trip with Itty Bitty Itineraries

Itty Bitty Itineraries are designed to help parents plan better trips and to get kids more engaged in their destinations. Our aim is to make family travel more fun by doing all the hard work. Ok, you still have to figure out where to go, and how to get there, but we help you explore. So you can finally have fun when you get there. 

Choose Where to Go with Our Itty Bitty Guides

Each city will have an Itty Bitty Guide that helps you figure out if it’s the right place to go. We’re parents, and we’re realistic. So our guides are, too. And even if we have lots of recommendations, don’t think you can do it all. Just do what will make you, and your kids, happy.  

Pre-Game it with the Kids

Once you’ve decided where to go, then get the kids excited about the trip. We’ve already done the research for you, so read stories, watch videos, sing songs and have the do some arts and crafts. So go ahead, have a glass of wine while they glue their fingers together making mosaics for Barcelona or a crown for Austrian’s Habsburg empire. Because when we’re done with them, they’ll practically be your tour guide. 

The Parent Prep

We’ve all been there — on a flight to somewhere, no internet, and then you realize you’ve been so busy cleaning and packing, getting someone to watch your cat, and managing to get all your children and their 73 bags through airport security and on the plane on time, you completely forgot how you were going to get from the airport to your home base. No worries. Check out our guides to getting around, as well as “Live like a Local” articles. Because someone is going to get sick in the middle of night when everything is closed, and you’ll need to know what to do. 

Using Itty Bitty Itineraries When You Are There

Itty Bitty Itineraries are kid-sized portions of exploring a new city or place. And because kids have a limited attention span, and can only do three things, one of which is usually eat, we’ve made sure the three stops are kid-friendly with activities to keep them excited. And in case of the Hangries, or if you need a glass of wine, we also have recommendations for nearby restaurants. You can do all the stops, or just one depending on how you feel.  

Avoid the Melt-down Moments

Even the best plans go awry. That’s why we’ve got options. If the kids aren’t enjoying it, then let them the choose the next thing to do. And laugh in their faces when their plan doesn’t work out. We’re just kidding. We promise it will be fun for everyone.