Getting Around Vienna

Vienna is simple to get around and there are plenty of options to choose, from the easy u-bahn, to scooters and bikes.

One App to Rule Them All

Before you go, download the Wien Mobile App. Use it to buy tickets on the public transit system and the City Airport Train from the airport, to, you guessed it, the city. It will also tell you where you can find taxis, bikes, and scooters. 


Vienna is very walkable. Just be sure to watch out for the cyclists, who will run you over. Stay out of the blue bike lanes, and make sure you look for cars and bikes when crossing streets.

Subway, Trams and Buses

Kids under 6 ride free. Everyone else needs a ticket. You can buy paper tickets at each U-bahn station and then validate it before taking the subway or on the trams. There will occasionally be people who get on the train to check to make sure you have a ticket. They usually don’t wear uniforms, but they do have their ID visible. If you do not have a ticket, it’s a pretty hefty fine to pay. It’s easier to just get the Wien Mobile app (see above). Buy a day pass or day ticket for all your family members on one app.

CAT or City Airport Train

The City Airport Train is a 16 minute ride from the Vienna airport to Wien Mitte. It’s fairly cheap and fast, and goes twice an hour. From Wien Mitte, you can hop on the U-bahn and be anywhere in just a few minutes. Kids ride free. We recommend this option if you don’t have lots of luggage. Buy tickets at the airport near baggage claim, on the train, or with the Wien Mobile app. 


Uber and Free Now are the two apps to use for taxis in Vienna. You will need a carseat for the kids (some drivers will refuse to drive children without car seats), so go ahead and get yourself the portable mi-fold.


There are tons of bikes to rent all around the city. Just make sure to follow the rules of the road and stay in the designated bike areas (blue lanes). If you don’t, you will be chastised by the locals, and riding bikes in pedestrian zones may get you a ticket from the police. For kids’ bikes, as well as cargo bikes, you’ll need to reserve with a bike rental company, such as Die Rad Station.

More info on biking on the Vienna city page. 


They are everywhere. See the Wien Mobil app for the ones nearby and download the appropriate app. Just don’t take them through pedestrian zones. If you find yourself in one, get off and walk your scooter until you are able to ride it again.