Fun and Games in the Frog Pond

It's All Fun and Games in the Frog Pond

After you’ve finished in the Public Garden, cross Charles Street to the Common, the first public garden in Boston. The philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson used to walk his family’s cows here to graze. (the site of his birthplace is where Macy’s Department store is in Downtown Crossing). 

The Common has lots to offer the littles. There’s a carousel, ice cream vendors, the Frog Pond where kids splash in the summer and ice skate in the winter, and the Tadpole Playground. Let the kids play to their hearts’ content, while you find a quiet bench and enjoy the park.

From here, you should be able to see the Golden Dome of the State House (did the kids notice it from Make Way for Ducklings?) and you’re not too far from the “General Hooker Entrance,” which always makes us giggle. Because he was a great General. You’re also close to the Granary Burying Ground, where Sam Adams, Crispus Attucks, Paul Revere and John Hancock are buried. You can take a quick detour there, but be careful – a tourist once stepped in the wrong spot and fell into a forgotten grave!

For Kids

Frog Pond and the Common

The Common got its name for being the common space for the people of Boston. Here, before it was a big city, people would bring their cows, goats and other animals to graze on the grass. This was before the city engineers helped damn the Charles River, so the Common was pretty marshy and the Frog Pond, as you probably guessed, had lots of frogs living in it. Today, it doesn’t have any real frogs, but there are several hanging around. Can you find them?

Huzzah! You Did It!

You found the ducklings, you read some books and you got to play in the Common. Boston has lots of fun things to do, so if you have time, here are some more things we suggest