Boston Cream Pie

The Boston Cream Pie, made ubiquitous by Dunkin Donuts (a Boston institution) was actually made first at the Omni Parker House, a venerable hotel that was home to Charles Dickens, and the monthly meeting place for the Saturday Club, which consisted of such thinkers and writers as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wordsworth Longfellow, Henry David Thoreau.

If your kids are up to it, see if you can snag a table in the more relaxed Parker’s Bar and enjoy a drink while they enjoy a little dessert. There, you can have your own thinking club with your little philosophers and contemplate such important questions as “why  DOES everyone poop.” If you’re kids aren’t down for sitting, swing a dead cat and find the closest Dunkins just to say you did, indeed, try the Boston Cream Pie. And besides, if you miss it entirely, you can always order the original to your house from the Omni Parker Hotel.